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Objectives of the INPAF

  • The primary objective of INPAF is to provide philanthropic support by generating donations for the treatment of children (and adults in certain cases) suffering from a compromised airway. To provide the necessary financial, logistic and psychological support to the families and children suffering from congenital and acquired airway conditions (e.g. laryngotracheal stenosis and similar pathologies) needing surgery at the Lausanne University Hospital. Children who are ventilated mechanically require special artificial equipment that may not necessarily be easily available. Monitoring of oxygen at home is frequently necessary in such cases and these special materials are expensive. The foundation wishes to make all the necessary equipment available by collaborating with the various industry partners- with the objective that the quality of care will not be affected due to the lack of essential materials.


  • Develop hubs of centres of excellence in different countries to provide world-wide specialised care in compromised airway surgery. Managing critically sick children is a teamwork and this is needed at all levels. Such a team consists of doctors, nurses, and specialised non-medical support staff. The INPAF has the necessary team members who are dedicated and motivated to share their knowledge in the entire health spectrum involving these patients and their needs.


  • The Canton of Vaud University Hospital (CHUV) is one of the 5 teaching hospitals in Switzerland. Thanks to its collaboration with the faculty of biology and medicine of the University of Lausanne, the CHUV plays an important role in the areas of health care, medical research and training. The Newsweek 2019 ranks the CHUV as the 9thbest hospital in the world and the 2nd best in Europe (


  • In addition, a close collaboration exists since 1960 with the Terres des Hommes for the care of children living in under developed countries and requiring specialized care. In the highly specialised field of otorhinolaryngology, the CHUV and its Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) are playing a central role – both in terms of providing world class medical treatment and as well in terms of knowledge sharing. Leading expert in this field Dr Kishore Sandu travels to various countries (Italy, Austria, Holland, UK, Russia, Estonia, Chile, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia) to provide treatment to patients and training to the local doctors. At the CHUV – specialised treatment is provided to patients living within Switzerland and to those residing in the EU. Typically, these patients are covered by their individual insurances. Several treatment requests are received by the Airway unit of the ORL department of the CHUV every month from parents living in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America and Australia. However, considering the high treatment costs, only a limited number of children are benefitted from their specialised services.


  • Foster knowledge sharing with existing centres of excellence and among specialists from all over the world through regular exchange of expertise and conferences in Switzerland or in other nations. Modern medicine is always evolving and new treatment strategies are bound to be discovered. It is important that such conferences and workshops are organised which would lead to the discovery of path breaking treatment strategies – that are typically less invasive and maximally beneficial to these children. The INPAF is dedicated to encourage research in airway surgery and thus provide effective treatment options.